Polaroid Zip: Baby Printers for the Win!


Remember Polaroid Cameras?

When I was little, I LOVED Polaroid cameras. In fact, I loved all cameras, but Polaroids had this magical way of bringing your image to life. The sound of the film moving through the camera, watching the blank photo pop out of the front, and the waiting…oh the waiting. Sitting there patiently to see if your beautiful artwork was everything you hoped it would be. It was an experience. For me, it was a memory. It was part of my journey with photography.

While the digital world has taken over the gratification of seeing your images instantly, the nostalgic feeling of having a printed photo in your hands is back on the rise with the Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer. As small as a smart phone, the baby printer is easy-to-use, has decent quality and is just plain adorable. It’s a great gift for kids and adults too (I may or may not have a couple of these in my house!) - and even better, it’s reasonably priced! And for me, it brings back that little magical experience that I loved so much as a kid.


Zip into Class!

iPhone classes coming soon.

Learn the basics of photography + how to take a clear picture on your iPhone • Edit pictures right on your phone• Print a copy of your work on the spot as a souvenir of your new photography skills!